Who Cares What People Think


The single most important thing I did to stay positive with all the negative feedback I was getting when we first began farming, and it wasn’t easy, was to stop worrying about what people thought of me. Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business.


If you are afraid of being judged by people ask yourself why you care. Do they share your same hopes and dreams? Do they think the way you do?  Are they trying to accomplish the same things with the same resources? Of course not, not ever. Everyone is different.


I have found in life the people that most often seem to burst your bubble are those that don’t have the balls to take any chances themselves. They lead the same life day in and day out, keep whining about it and are the first to judge anyone who makes a change in their own life. Do what YOU want to do, that is who matters.


Of course though, every decision needs to be well thought out. I’m all for diving into things, but know what is at stake before you do. Take the time, do your homework, get a plan and then leap.


I had to work hard to learn to not care what people thought when we first started. Of course there is always still a little fear of judgement, but it doesn’t take up my thoughts the way it did. We have persevered through enough crap and skepticism these past five years; negativity from others now falls away like water off a duck’s back. Cultivate self confidence; your backbone will help you stand tall and weather the storms.




Chris and Katrina Anderson


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Kinburn, Ontario