When it all goes sideways


Life is wonderful.


It also has a mind of its own.


You start with an idea, a plan and then life happens, and things don’t go accordingly. It is so easy to become disappointed, discouraged and give up. You become the star of your own pity party, belting out those “Poor Me!” blues. I have sung that tune a few times myself. Until I learned something.


Life rarely goes to plan, and that is the very beauty of it. When things go sideways and not the way they are “supposed” to, don’t freak out. Wait, watch, and appreciate what is. Often things turn out better than planned.


Play-Doh was originally created to be a wallpaper cleaner. It was not selling, but kids were playing with it as a modelling compound. The company, heading for bankruptcy, saw the potential and removed the cleaning agents and added scent and colour. Voila; a successful product was born. One that would go on to be inducted to the Toy Hall of Fame.


Potato chips were created by accident when a chef in New York was trying to keep a complaining customer happy. They had claimed their French fries were too thick, and after three attempts the chef finally pleased the customer with paper-thin fries; what we now call potato chips.


Appreciate the positives of even the smallest mishaps. The rhubarb drowned in our planter this spring. The bird feeder hanging directly above it had spilled some sunflower seeds into it. Weeks later we had beautiful 5’ volunteer sunflowers blooming from it.


When it all goes sideways remind yourself those things might just end up better than you thought. Things rarely turn out as we planned. Be open to the opportunities that present themselves. Let go of “supposed to”, and grab onto “what could be”.


Life is a trip, enjoy the ride.




Chris and Katrina Anderson


2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario