The Challenges of Being a Farmher


Living where you work isn’t easy, especially when you raise animals and are always on call.


This summer I made a promise to our kids; I would cease work every day at 2:00 p.m. to spend the afternoon with them, forcing me to be really clear about what actually ‘needs’ to be done during the hours I dedicate to work. I know how I tick; the tighter the timeline, the greater the pressure, the more I deliver.


This is key for me. The ability to recognize what makes me tick and how I work best allows me to find balance in my day-to-day life. I awake early, operate from a list I made the night before, work through my daily ‘need to’ list, then enjoy – relatively stress free – my ‘want to’ list.


This is the most important skill I have developed: how to prioritize between family and business. At the end of the day it always comes back to balance. But balance is tricky, it always evolves and the requirements of one day are never the same the next. There is no getting around that fact.


Be organized in your life, know what your priorities are, and then create your days. Always remember there is no shame in making time for YOU. It is like that oxygen mask airplane routine – you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.


For all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and parents drowning out there, for goodness sake take a daily moment to put on your oxygen mask. Breathe, plan, focus, and execute. Be organized, make a list, and know the difference between your needs and wants. Life is for living. Figure out your healthy balance, and go for it. Because you can do anything.




Chris and Katrina Anderson

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