The Best Way to Test Your Marriage...


Yesterday started off just like any other day. Had breakfast, nagged the kids till bus time, headed out for morning chores and that’s when I noticed. The lawn in front of the cow barn was a swamp. I called Chris. “I need you home now.” He was home 30 minutes later.


Thank goodness for great neighbours, one showed up with a backhoe right away to help us. We dug down six feet until we found the pipe. The ground was so wet that the sides kept caving in, and more water would pour in. Trying to find a leaky pipe in a hole that keeps filling with water faster than you can get it out is an exercise in total frustration. We finally got enough soil and water out and dried the pipe off enough that we could turn on the house pump again and look for leaks. At that exact point, it started pouring rain. Perfect.


By this point we were both absolutely loosing it, and getting short with each other. A shovel was thrown, and then my shoe fell off in the muck as I climbed up the ladder. I went to fling my other one in a hissy fit but it fell off before I could, so naturally I stomped like an angry toddler through the swamp in my sock feet back to the house. I soon returned with an apology and two coffees.


A couple of hours later the leak was fixed and all was well. We have had many catastrophes in farming and always solve them together, sometimes smiling, sometimes not so much. Trust me when I say sorting cattle, backing up a trailer together or fixing plumbing are the best way to test you marriage.


And, of course, we passed.





Chris and Katrina Anderson

2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario