5 Words I Don’t Use 

  1. Always
  2. Never
  3. Wish
  4. Can’t
  5. Should

These words are no longer in my vocabulary. It took some practice, and what a difference it has made.


Always” and “Never” fall under the same umbrella. They are blanket statements, absolutes. They leave no room for possibilities for the future, or different interpretations of the past. 


Wish” sounds like an impossible dream. 

“I wish I could buy a new car.”

I change my wording to make the dream possible.

“I will have to figure out how to buy a car.” or

“I will work towards buying a car.”

The impossible now becomes attainable.


Can’t” is another absolute. Yes, it has its place. I, myself, can’t bench press 2000 lbs.

For this purpose I am referring to my daily challenges.

”I can’t download this program.”  “I can’t fix the gate.” “I can’t lift this log.”

 I replace it with:

“I will have to figure out how to...” or

“I need to find a way to...”

 They push me to find solutions, instead of accept defeat.


Should” drives me completely bananas. Either you’re going to do it or you aren’t. It somehow implies future guilt if you don’t do it – whatever ‘it’ is. When you take out “should”, your words become softer and often more easily heard. 

“You should call your Mom.”

Substitutions I would use:

“It would be nice if you called your Mom.” or

“I know your Mom would love to hear from you.”

*Beware of telling others what they “should” do.  It is not your job to make decisions or choices for other people.


Little changes they may be, but they have made a huge difference in my life. You want to live a life with no limits; don’t limit yourself. Your words are the story you choose to share with the world. They are also the story you tell yourself. So make it a good one.  You are worth it.




Chris and Katrina Anderson


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Kinburn, Ontario