When the Real Magic Happens


Last summer a brand new customer came to the Farm and noticed the kids playing ball. After some chit chat he asked if perhaps he could pitch a few balls...Twenty minutes later we are all playing a full on baseball game. Four rug rats, me and a very well dressed business man in fancy shoes.


A customer and fellow Mom stopped by this spring to buy some beef bones. I was telling her about our bottle fed calf and the newborn flashbacks of late night feedings and how tired we were. She laughed at how our most exciting meal lately had been grilled cheese and pickles.  Two days later she pops by with two frozen yoghurt containers of homemade beef broth for us. 


I delivered to our CSA customers in town last week, enjoying the quick chats we have catching up on the last month. I thought everyone had left when I heard a knock at my window. A lady was waiting for the crowd to go so she could give me the most amazing hug. Not a quick embrace with the standard double back pat, but a long, warm and wonderful hug to thank me for doing what we do.


We love what we do. We love the customers we have. They are why we do it. When people take time out of their busy day to be a part of our Farm family, or show their appreciation for us, that’s when the real magic happens.





Chris and Katrina Anderson


2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario