Things We learned Living Through a Tornado

A strong wind can turn a wheel barrow into a small ball of metal.

Broken glass can spread like raindrops.
Trees can become matchsticks.
Wind can move a building that weighs 10 tonnes, and not budge the feather lying beside it.
Nothing will be where you left it. It’s a great way to purge.
You can live with a heck of a lot less than you thought.
All the stuff you have – it’s just stuff, none of it matters; you will learn what’s really important.
Every dollar spent on insurance is well worth it.
Your body doesn’t work well after a natural disaster, rainbow - it’s a great way to lose weight.
You have to eat even when your stomach says no. Peanut butter cups work in a pinch.
A beer or two will help you sleep, and slow down the nightmares.
Whatever you are doing to keep going, is perfectly fine. Be patient with yourself.
You have to let go of the anger, it will poison you when you need your strength most.
Take one day at a time, work through the overwhelm.
Things can happen that are beyond your control, accept them with grace.
People are kind and want to help.
Accept help – take food, hugs and smiles whenever they’re offered, you’ll need them.
Look for the bright side in everything – it is what will get you through.
A series of 4’s mean your guardian angels are watching you. The tornado hit our farm at 4:44. Not one being on the farm was hurt. Cheers Mom!




Chris and Katrina Anderson

2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario