I’m So Glad For It


I have been a hippy since my late teens. It’s who I am. Lately, with the whole Mom, entrepreneur and farm owner, ‘on call’ is my normal. Not this week.


Chris, our awesome helper Jaime and I went to see the Foo Fighters on Tuesday. We got to the gate and they were sold out. I had never even thought of it. We could get in if we all bought three day passes, choosing our two other dates right then and there.


Right away it put the brakes on the happy train. We hummed and hawed for 30 seconds, the line up behind us growing impatient. Then I heard her. That voice deep down, my party girl voice. The one who always gets me into trouble, which always make the best stories. She piped up.


Fack it. It’s only money. You work hard. Just do it. Where’s your sense of adventure?


I partied my butt off all night. Brought me right back to my Grateful Dead days. Dancing barefoot with eyes closed, enjoying the fresh air and good old rock and roll. I even got a little bit crooked. Fun.


Wednesday night we have the pleasure of seeing to Dave Matthews, and tonight it’s Beck.

This week has made me feel so young again. A few bucks and ID in my pockets and off I’d go. The best times are always those that come unplanned. This week reminded me of that, and I’m so glad for it.




Chris and Katrina Anderson


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