At Least it’s Never Boring


This spring we lost a cow right after calving. Shitty, but it happens. Chris and I instantly became his parents, bottle feeding him three times a day. He was our buddy, running around with the dogs and walking down to the bus with me. We named him “Walter the cow dog”.


The novelty soon wore off the bigger he got. Calves will smash their heads upwards into the udder to get the milk down. If I wasn’t paying attention and wasn’t fast enough switching his bottles, well, let’s just say my lady parts paid for it. Occupational hazard. Good times.


Our next calving brought us twins, Walter now thrilled he had some little buddies to play with. He was fascinated watching them nurse from their Momma.


One day I was cleaning out the smaller pen in the barn, Walter faithfully waiting for me in the adjacent pen alongside some other cows and our Bull Juno. All of a sudden I heard a loud suckling sound. I turned around and burst into laughter. Walter was doing his best to copy the twins, smashing his head upwards to get the milk down and then trying to suckle. Only problem was, he was doing it on the bull.


Juno didn’t seem to mind, I dare say he looked like he was enjoying it. Soon enough he gave a little “That’s enough” kick and walked away. The next day thankfully we got to put our bottles away for good. I found Walter sneaking milk through the back legs of the twins’ Mom, finally hitting the Mother load. As crazy as farming is, at least I can say it’s never boring.





Chris and Katrina Anderson

2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario