We’re a small-scale farm located in Kinburn, Ontario – just 30 minutes west of downtown Ottawa.


Kinburn Farms offers pasture-raised beef and pork , food production workshops  and on-site consultations to people who care about how their food is grown and raised, or want to start growing themselves. Our farm is located on 75 acres of beautiful flatland surrounded by tall trees and big sky.


We apply our own ethical standards to everything we do. Our animals are uncaged and given plenty of room to roam, our barns are built from reclaimed wood, and we use sustainable farming practices to ensure the health of our land, our animals, and our family.


By supporting Kinburn Farms, you help us contribute to the economic viability of our community. Our farm equipment is purchased from and serviced by a neighbour, our lumber is reclaimed or purchased from the local mill, our hardware comes from the co-op down the street, and when not bred directly at Kinburn Farms, our young animals are purchased from local farms.


A working family farm since 1974 where Katrina was born and raised, we are proud to build on a foundation of community agriculture..


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Chris and Katrina Anderson


2808 Donald B. Munro Dr.

Kinburn, Ontario